Wooden Height Charts

Wooden Height Charts

Our wooden height chart range is our latest addition to the Wildash product line and they have been one of our most popular products to date. There is a reason why! Our height charts are quite a bit wider than our competitors' height charts, and we only use British hardwoods. The wood we use is completely sustainably sourced, mostly from the borders of Wales and Herefordshire, but also from Dorset and Somerset.

Great care is taken to treat each board we produce properly to ensure longevity and our unique manufacturing process means that almost an unlimited amount of text can be etched onto the charts (within reason)!

Why are our children's height charts so fab? They are:

  • made from FSC accredited English hardwoods: English Oak & English Ash
  • fully customisable with a (practically!) limitless amount of text
  • sanded and hand chamfered in Somerset
  • laser etched for a stunning, everlasting precision finish
  • no nasties, chemicals, paints or toxins used in the entire process
  • made entirely in England

Both kids and grown-ups are delighted by our height charts. But most of all your children will love having a piece of furniture they can actually write on while recording their growth as the years go by.  It becomes an amazing keepsake for whenever your family wants a jaunt down Memory Lane. Choose one of our traditional wooden ruler height charts or have us design a 100% unique piece of artwork just for your family. A wooden growth chart also makes a really special gift. If you are looking for a wedding gift or a christening present, a wooden height chart will guarantee delight. Ready to get started? Let's get growing!

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